Rolling mable... rigid body?

I am trying to make a marble that moves constantly… it is going to be able to move in all directions.

So far i have used the transform.Translate to move the object but this doesnt have the effect that i desire. I have seen around that adding a rigidbody to the ball and move it using that is the best option.

I have no idea of how to approach using the rigid body… can anyone help me understand how i use the rigidbody to get the marble rolling.

All help is much appreciated =)

It’s very easy. Just apply a rigid body to the marble, add some mass to it. Since it’s a physics engine it work on physics rules. When you have a mass on the marble all you need is to apply some force to the object. To test the physics i would recommend to add a Terrain to test it out.

To push the object forward (The worlds forward, not the object’s):

float force = 10;
rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.forward * force);