rollover scale script problem

I would like to have an object scale when the mouse is positioned over it. I can get it to scale, but I can't get the object to return to it's original size OnMouseExit. What am I doing wrong?

    function OnMouseEnter () {
    renderer.material.color =;
    transform.localScale += transform.localScale*0.1;

// Assigns a white color to the material 
// attached to this mesh.

function OnMouseExit () {
    renderer.material.color = Color.white;
    transform.localScale -= transform.localScale*0.1;

You're object won't return to it's original size because you're performing an operation on the local scale after you've changed it. So if you local scale starts at 100, and you add ten percent you end up with 110. If you then subtract ten percent of THAT, you get 110 - 11 = 99.

It might be a negligible amount, but you can avoid it by saving the original value in the OnMouseEnter function and calling it later, like so:

var oldScale;

function OnMouseEnter(){
  oldScale = transform.localScale;
  transform.localScale += transform.localScale.0.1;

function OnMouseExit() {
  transform.localScale = oldScale;