Root Motion isn't working right

So first thing’s first, i DO have root motion working.

What I’m trying to do is have my character take a step forward while attacking, and then take another step backward if another attack is not performed.
While this is working, the thing that’s going wrong with it is instead of moving forward, my character moves sideways. Additionally, if I set the root transform in the rig section of my model’s inspector, root motion doesn’t work, so I have to set it only in the animations.

Is it possible to change specific axis with root motion curves, or is it something to do with my animations?

I started having similar idiosyncrasies with Animator apply root motion after updating to version 2018.2.6
I hoped it would be straitened out in version 2018.2.8, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I’m sure there is a connection with the avatar root node. Let me what you find out and Ill do the same. Thanks