Root motion with physics

Hi, i’m using humanoid characters with rigidbody and animated with mixamo/my own blender animations and moving them using root motion. Now i’m trying to push them around using physical force, but for some reason they only move vertically, while z-x velocity is being overwritten by root motion. I’ve already uncheked overwrite defaults function, and enabled animate physics update mode. Is there any way around this problem, like translating objects with root motion, or should i look for different aproach?

Hi. I’ve been having the same issue and would love if unity would have this not happen.

I dont exactly have a perfect solution, but I have had some success using RigidBody.MovePosition(RigidBody+ MovementVector * Time.fixedDeltaTime)
instead of RigidBody.AddForce(MovementForce * Time.fixedDeltaTime) that I had been using before encountering the animation conflict issue.

This is not a perfect solution. Your Rigidbody still wont really have momentum, and since you’ll be setting he position manually, it wont really be affected by gravity anymore unless you account for it manually, but depending on your project it might be something to experiment with.

Again if anyone at unity sees this I personally vote that this interaction be done away with. I cant imagine that it is intentional for any rootmotion animations to essentially break the Rigidbody, and it is very frustrating to have to work around.