Root Motion with Rigidbody Jitter Unity 5.5

I am working on setting up a character that uses Root Motion for movement. I am finding that once you attach a rigidbody component to the character, the root motion movement appears to have some slight jitter to it. Turning on animate physics on the animator component does not stop this from happening.

I have provided a unitypackage with the sample scene I made. If you run it as is, you will see 2 characters that move and rotate. The one on the right does not have a rigidbody component attached, the one of the left does have a rigidbody.

I also have 3 different cameras setup. The camera currently active is just a static camera so you can watch the animations play with no camera movement. If you look close enough, you will see that the character on the left with the rigidbody component does not appear to be as smooth as the character on the right. Again, activating Animate Physics on its animator will not fix this. If you disable the static camera and enable the one for the right character, it follows the character using late update. Its all very smooth for the right character. If you disable the camera for the right character and enable the camera for the left character, it follows the left character using fixed update. It looks mostly smooth, but there are still some micro jitters…it’s just not as smooth as the camera using Late Update that follows the non-rigidbody character.

So am I missing something here that I should be doing? My ultimate goal is to have a smooth follow camera for a root motion character that has a rigidbody attached for physics. I just cannot get things to be jitter free.


Set your animator to “Update Mode: AnimatePhysics” to get rid of the jitter.

Since you’re using a RigidBody (which is driven by physic) to drive your character, you need to set it to be updated in the Physics loop.