Root position or rotation are controlled by curves error on re activating game object!

I have a GameObject “Enemy” with animator and BoxCollider2d components, and 2 Sprites as children.
The animation enables one of the 2 sprites every frame to create walking animation.

In the script the Enemy is made to move around the screen- (Transform.position and rotation are modified).

It works as expected.

But when I disable the Enemy and re-enable it again on the inspector while in Play, I get this error in the animator component: “Root position or rotation are controlled by curves” and the rotations of the enemy from the script stop working.

So to debug this I tried checking “Apply root motion” checkbox. Now everything seems to be working normally.

I know what root motion is, but my question is why does it work the first time even if “Apply root motion” is disabled? And why it fails if I re-enable it with same settings?

Hello all,

For the first time I’ve encountered this note on the animator in Unity 2018.1
“root position or rotation are controlled by curves”

Why is it there, and should it bother me?