Ropes in Unity 5


I have a question regarding the new cloth system in unity.
I am trying to create a rope and attach an object at the end of it so it can follow the rope’s movement.
I created an empty object and used cloth component with cylinder as a mesh. Edited the constraints with max distance so it can hang on the ceiling and it worked. Created another object(sphere) and added a collider to attach it at the end of the rope.

The problem is:

  1. I tried to use the same technique with max distance and the sphere object wont become attached to the rope.
  2. On play, the rope object becomes a cloth and no longer seems like a rope.

Thank you

As the name points out, cloth is for simulating cloth (i.e. curtain, sail etc…). To make rope your best option is to use joints (i.e.

there is plenty of tutorials on YT just google for them :slight_smile: