Ros Unity TCP network drops from 300~ to 20~ Mbps

I'm streaming depth and color frames from an Azure Kinect over a ROS TCP server connection in order to render a point cloud in my Unity scene ideally wirelessly. Originally, this was built with our machine running ROS and our machine running Unity with a wired ethernet connection. With this method, we're able to stream up to 15 fps at upwards of 300 Mbps with no issue. When attempting to move to a wireless connection, we're unable to get more than 20 Mbps of throughput and less than 1 fps in our Unity scene. Both machines are rated for more than that so if anyone has seen a similar issue or has any ideas let me know please! There's also no issue transmitting our u5 joint state data, but those packets are much smaller.

Interesting. I assume when you refer to "1 fps" in your Unity scene, you're talking about the number of Kinect frames you were able to send, not the frame rate Unity is actually running at?
I don't really have much to suggest here... sounds like you just have a slow wifi connection. Maybe try a network speed test? If the Ros-Tcp-Connection was getting significantly worse data rates than other types of network connection, maybe we could look into why, but I find it hard to imagine how that would happen - we're just sending data over a standard TCP socket...

Would you be able to share your setup, e.g. Unity editor version and the ROS-TCP-Connector version? Thanks.