Rotate 2D camera scene view

I’m making a top down 2D game (fake 2D, so using 3D objects). Because of this, ideally I want to work in 2D scene view to use a tilemap editor, however, 2D view is by default side-on, not top down, and I can’t easily find a way to change that. A quick look at scene view in the documentation seemed to suggest you can’t change that.

Has anyone found a way to use the 2D view for top down, so that I don’t have to rotate all of my 3D objects 90 degrees?


You’re right that you can’t change it.

A simple way to ‘fake it’ would be setting your camera’s Projection to Orthographic and pointing it downwards.

However, many of Unity’s 2D components assume an XY setup (for example, all of the Physics2D components) so you won’t be able to use them properly. You can still use 3D physics but it won’t be as efficient. However there is no 2D AI navigation solution, so it depends what you actually use.

I’d strongly consider whether it’s really worth the time to refactor your setup, as using the ‘wrong’ setup will likely cause you headaches going forward.