Rotate a rigidbody that has frozen rotation

Hi all. So I’ve frozen rotation on my RigidBody because I don’t want it spinning out of control when colliding with objects at high speeds, but I still want to be able to rotate it myself. When using the freeze checkboxes, it no longer rotates when I use the following code:

float roll = Input.GetAxis ("Roll") * rollSensitivity * Time.deltaTime * acceleration;
rb.AddTorque (transform.forward * roll);

My question is, does anybody know a way to make it roll even with the rotation set to frozen, OR, disable rotation from collision? Thanks.

You have conflicting requests. Freezing an objects rotation in one or more axis is taking into account in all Rigidbody physics methods, like AddTorque() etc.
In this case, you should rotate your Transform directly by Transform.Rotate().
Doing this, it might cause “bullet” issues with other objects colliding with the object you are rotating by force, so depending on your context, be aware of mixing Rigidbody methods with methods transforming your objects directly - Physics- and Direct transform are not good friends.