Rotate an object perpendicular to an objects normals?

I have fired a raycast from one object, and it takes the normal’s off from the surface of the model it hits. But how would I rotate the initial object 90* perpendicular to the object, the ray cast hits?

I don’t even know what the Vector3 from the normal’s is suppose to mean.

Thanks for your albeit valuable time!

You need an additional rotation to determine that. You need some “forward” direction for your object - only pointing up from a surface does not completely describe a rotation.

if(Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, Mathf.Infinity) {
  // place at hit.position
  transform.position = hit.point;

  // look in the direction of the hit object
  transform.LookAt(hit.transform.position + hit.transform.forward, hit.normal);

  // or: look up along the object
  // transform.LookAt(hit.transform.position + Vector3.up, hit.normal);

  // or: look in same direction as before
  // transform.LookAt(transform.forward, hit.normal);