Rotate an object using joystick

I’m looking for a way to map the angle the player moves the joystick from its rest point to an object - for example, if the player were to move the stick to a upper right position, the object would spin to face that direction - could anyone give me some pointers?

I’m reading the stick input into a Vector3, which I assume needs to somehow converted into a float, and then to an angle?

input = Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Left Joystick X"), Input.GetAxis("Left Joystick Y"), 0);

Input.GetAxis (for joysticks) returns a value between -1 and +1, proportional to the angle of the joystick lever. All you have to do is multiply this value by the maximum angle you want the player to turn to:

var maxX: float = 60;
var maxY: float = 60;

function Update(){
    var angleX = maxX*Input.GetAxis("Left Joystick X");
    var angleY = maxY*Input.GetAxis("Left Joystick Y");
    transform.localEulerAngles = Vector3(angleY, angleX, 0);

If this code is attached to the camera, for instance, you can aim it up and down with joystick Y, and left and right with joystick X - both proportionally to the joystick movement.

It may seem that angleY and angleX are swapped in localEulerAngles: that’s because the first parameter sets the rotation angle around the X axis, thus going up and down; the second does the same around the Y axis, thus swinging left or right.

localEulerAngles is used instead of eulerAngles because it will work even if the camera is a child of other object (if it’s not, localEulerAngles and eulerAngles do the same).

Case any axis go to the wrong direction, just invert the signal of angleX or angleY.