Rotate and object with Unity 3D

I’ve been trying to rotate an object using Metaio with Unity3D but I have some problems. I 'm using this script ( … ectbytouch) and it works well with a simple 3D object without Metaio, but when I put it into a project with Metaio, the same script doesn’t work. Does anyone know what can be the problem?

The link to your script is broken, and It’s unclear what’s Metaio, so this is certainly not the best way to post your first question, but I have a simple suggestion:

  • create an empty gameobject on the scene
  • drop the 3D model from the project folder as a child of the parent gameobject
  • apply the rotation and movement scripts to the PARENT gameobject, not to the 3D model
  • prefab this new gameobject

This way, you can replace or change the 3D model without altering the behavior of your original gameobject.