Rotate around a point

So I'm writing a script, where I want a cube to orbit around a sphere. I want to use RotateAround, but that only works for when the object is at (0,0,0). So what can I do instead?

I'm pretty sure you've used directly the example in scripting manual. Cause in that example for the first parameter which is "point" is used. which you can sipmply replace it with the position of your sphere.

put the script in here so I can see for sure ;)

well .. I think it's just like Kourosh sais , you probably used the script from the manual..

try using Rotate Around like this

//the sphere gameObject     
var sphereObject:Transform;      
function FixedUpdate()
    transform.RotateAround (sphereObject.position, Vector3.up, 20 * Time.deltaTime);