Rotate object using analogue stick around player object

Ok, I’ve tried a bunch of things and nothing is ever remotely working. I was hoping one of you fine people would be abel to point me in the right direction.

I have the player object which moves around using the left analogue stick, great! What I want is a shield object that is directed around the player completely separate from the player (I have another game object for this) a set distance from the player pointing the direction of the right analogue stick.

I do have the right analogue stick set up and working (tested) but for the life of me and after lots of trial and just as much error (total noob) I still don’t know how I’d go about this

help? please? you’re awesome!

I would suppose the easiest way to go about this would be to have an empty GameObject, with a script on it to follow the player character. Place your shield as a child of this, moving it out to the distance from the player that you want.

From there, in the script you now have on it’s parent (the one to keep it at the same location as the player), rotate the object based on the input of the right stick.

The result should be that the empty GameObject will rotate while staying centered on the player, and the shield will rotate with it, staying at the distance you placed it at.