Rotate object with vuforia

Hi i am new with this and i read this How to Rotate an image in Vuforia ? - Unity Answers but i dont now how can i add the gameObject to the array.

I only have a cube inside the imageTarget and i can’t rotate it, this is my first step and i can’t do that, the next step for me is try to rotate it with touch move.

Thanks a lot

I know this answer is coming really late, but for the people searching for it:

Use the

IEnumerable<TrackableBehaviour> trackableBehaviours = TrackerManager.Instance.GetStateManager ().GetActiveTrackableBehaviours(); 

to get all the current objects being tracked. Then

foreach (TrackableBehaviour trackableBehaviour in trackableBehaviours) {
// Use trackableBehaviour.gameObject to get your desired Object

In the Link you give -it helped me, so thank you- the gameObjectsArray is a public variable. You can assign it from another class (also because it is a Singleton class) with

Rotation.Instance.gameObjectsArray*= yourGameObject*

Personally, I would use a List instead of an Array, because you dont know how big the array should be. With a list you can just add to it.