Rotate Scene View camera

How do i rotate the scene view along the z axis? (By this I mean effectively flip which direction is up for me?) I’m making a game where gravity changes directions, so up isn’t always along the y-axis. This makes building levels a bit of a mind bending experience as I’m having to build them sideways. Surely this is doable?

Wouldn’t just changing the gravity from -9.81 to 9.81 do the thing?
Or if you want the gravity to be sideways you can set -9.81 or 9.81 to the x or z field.


I would turn off the gravity for the rigidbody. Then apply your own gravity to it in whatever direction you want to apply it with whatever strength you like.

You can do absolutely anything you want via entering a trigger that will cause a change to your gravity vector. You can have it switch to a set vector, you can have it apply gravity based on the direction of the player position in relation to the trigger position, you can use the triggers normal(forward direction) as your new gravity vector then rotate the trigger to rotate the gravity affect. These are many many different options for doing this.

You might also want to check out my answer to this question, you will probably need to do something like this when you have your different gravity zones working :

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