rotate spine of the player with camera

hello everybody. today i was trying to rotate the spine of the player with the camera. Although i was able to move it with the camera, there was a problem , the spine is rotated a around 57 degree around the y axis. the code is

var relrot : Quaternion;
var parent : Transform;                                //parent or the player
function Start(){
relrot = Quaternion.Inverse(parent.rotation)*transform.rotation; 
function Update(){
transform.rotation = Camera.main.transform.rotation*relrot;        //transform is spine


Camera.main.transform.rotation*relrot is incorrect. inverse order of operation. note that rotation1 * rotation2 is not the same as rotation2 * rotation1


it’s more correct to calc first camera relative to parent of the player rotation, and then just apply it to spine with offset if spine’s identity rotation is not default

I checked the code on other character it is working fine, It is just because of the animation that is attached to that body. without animation it is solving the purpose. The animation starts in the beginning and is played for ONCE and after that the the rotation comes into play. Is there something wrong with the animation??