RotateAround advanced (read the details)

This might be hard to understand and comment if you don’t but I’ll try to exaplin is at good as possible.

I have a house, in this house I have a couple of game objects. I have the same house model in other places in the world and I want to copy all the gameobjects in a house on command from the player and then when he/she goes to another house he/she can paste all the things that was in the other house because he had saved them down.
The hard part is to rotate the gameobjects from the former angles (in the former house) to the new angles because the new house has a diffrent rotation.
I tried rotateAround but didnt get far. Any help?

Important: I can’t use the transforms method I need to use vector3’s because of some reasons. So 2 vector3s one for the new rotation and one for the new position.

You’ll need to save them based on relative transform data. The transform method is absolutely the easiest- just reparent all objects to temporarily be children of the House object, copy the hierarchy, then paste it as a child to the new house and unparent everything afterward.

If you’re specifically trying to avoid that scenario for some reason, then abuse the Transform.InverseTransformPoint and Transform.TransformPoint functions to accomplish much the same thing (but far more annoying). Rotation of each individual object should really just work by using Transform.Rotate and adding the difference between the house rotations- the positions would already be correct, so RotateAround wouldn’t be needed.

If you need to avoid using ALL Transform methods, then this thread may be of some use.