Rotated Orthographic Camera, Point Filtering, Jitter

I am doing an isometric game with 2d tiles and the 3d collision inside Unity. So my camera is turned x:30, y:45, and all my sprites are facing the camera, I also have set the Sprites filter mode to Point and the format to Truecolor. I get a pixel perfect image, but once I start to move the camera there is a visible wobble. If I change the filter mode to Bilinear, the wobble is gone, but so is the crips Pixel Art look.


If I turn back the camera to zero rotation and I orient the Sprites to face the camera again, I get a smooth camera movement, but this way is hard to position the 3d bounding boxes

Any idea, how to fix this wobble or is it something I just had to deal with.


Yeah, it’s hard to mix 2D and 3D the way you are going. In general, if you want a 2D look, you should use all 2D techniques. I suggest you check out Tiled. I think some folks have written Unity importers for it, and it may really help you simplify object placement.

Thanks guys, at the end I just decided not to use Unity for my Isometric game. I ended up writing my own C++ engine with simple 3D bounding box physics and sprite depth sorting. I could try to port it to Unity, afterwards.