Rotating a gameobject(2d sprite) arround a point using physics

i know this question is answered many times but none of them could solve my case.

i want to rotate a gameobject (2dsprite) around a point. but there should not be any local rotation to the gameobject.
gameobject has a rigidbody2d and need to detect collisions.
for example, a player swinging through the buildings
please help me with this problem.

You can set the rigidbody rotation and that will update the transform’s rotation. Look at the methods available to RigidBody2D:

thanks for replying.
I tried achieve the rotation using rigidbody2d, but the game object is rotating around its pivot point.
however i want game object to rotate around some point.

hope you are understanding what i am trying to achieve.

Transform.RotateAround sounds like what you’re looking for. The docs should get you going. Good luck