Rotating an object once it has been picked up with XR Grab Interactable from XR Interaction Toolkit

Hi all,

I am playing around trying to make an axe throwing game, everything is going good so far - I've made a menu scene and a game scene with an axe, table and target (screenshots here )

However the axe stays the rotation it was when I pick it up, I want it to point the same way the camera is facing, as if you were about to throw it. Explanation here:

Is there just a script I can add so when it is picked up it rotates a certain way?

I have found @dnwesdman/grab-offset-interactables-with-the-xr-interaction-toolkit-b2c18cec1a52">this page, however I have not had any luck making the object rotate.

Thanks in advance

Fixed. On the intractable object I just had to turn on Track rotation and turn off Match rotation