Rotating an Object while Moving

I am trying to create a game that is 2.5D with an isometric camera that will look down on the player moving a top like object that will rotate repeatedly while the player moves the object left/right/up/down. Is it possible to rotate an object repeatedly while adding moving the object in various directions? If so, could you help explain how? Thanks

it’s one thing getting an object to rotate constantly on one axis, and quite something else to get it to realistically behave like a spinning top. Presuming you just want it to rotate on the y axis, this script will basically do it.

var speed:float=3.0;

function Update () {
 	transform.Rotate(0,speed / Time.deltaTime , 0); 

Incidentally, searching the forum for “automatically rotate an object each frame” would have found you the answer, for future reference.

Hope that helps.