Rotating an object

Following some example code i am using the code below to rotate an object to be aligned with the current phone tilt/rotation.

The problem is that when i tilt/rotate the phone left then the object i’m rotating rotates right. Meaning that the object does not rotate the same way the phone rotates. I have tried a lot of different solutions to fix it, but nothing has worked.
Does anybody have any idea how i can fix it to make it match the phones rotation/tilt?

    var temp = MovAverage(Input.acceleration.normalized);
    temp.z = 0;

    foreach (var t in GameMaster.CurrentTiles)
        if (t == null) return;
        t.transform.up = temp.normalized;

It did not work when i negated the whole vector with temp *= -1; It would seem i had to negate only the y axis.

temp.y *= -1;