Rotating around to a point

I have a camera set up in my scene to rotate around a planet with player input. This uses the RotateAround method and works well. I want to have my camera rotate around the planet automatically like that but stop when it reaches a point.

The code I’m using to rotate using player input:

//center is referring to the center of the planet

I’ve tried using iTween, but I don’t like using very much. Is there a way to rotate around to a point using RotateAround or something similar? Thanks in advance.

Agreed with @Glurth. If it is a fixed position/angle, you can check it and stop rotating after that.

    Vector3 center =;

	float rotationSpeed=10f;

	float destinationPoint = -1f;

	void Update()
		if((int)transform.localPosition.x != (int)destinationPoint)

Just replace localPosition with localEulerAngles, if you want to check the angles.

This is just for the demo, you will have to replace the values of your own.

@CulturedSpud Hope this helps, Thank you.