Rotating Child Around World Space


I have literally spent all day trying to get this to work. I have a parent cube, with four child object "tires". What I want is for the children to rotate as the cube moves forward, making it appear as a tire would. I know realistically a lot more should go into this to make it look real, but I want to learn the basics first.

Problem I am having is the rotation being done around the parent, which is resulting is my round tires turning very oblong and then rotating. I simply want my tire to rotate assuming it's pivot point was dead center, as if it had no parent.

This works perfect if I detach the object from it's parent, but I will be moving parent a lot and I would prefer to not have to write a script to mimic it being a child.

I would really appreciate any incite on this and it is really driving me insane.

Thanks in advance,


Do you have a non-uniform scale factor of either your parent or tire objects (look at the "Scale" values of the transform). If they are not all the same number, then you will get weird distortions when you rotate something. Remember that the scale factor of the parent affects its children.