Rotating gameObjects gives me completely inaccurate values at runtime

I have my camera at 0,0 , -10 , and I want some gameObjects to be instantiated at even distances between each other around the screen, in the shape of a circle. This works. But when I want all of them to rotate, to point at the middle of the screen, they get weird values and none of them are correct. For example, one building has the rotation x :353, y: 153, z: 153, another one has x: 331, y: 126, z: 126. Can you help me out, I would go on and focus on something else but I like finishing stuff in advance before doing other stuff. I want the Y and Z to be at 90 degrees, and just X to change depending on the building itself.

for(int i=1; i<=buildingButtonAt.Length ; i++){
		Vector3 location = new Vector3(
			Mathf.Sin (((2*Mathf.PI)/buildingButtonAt.Length)*i)*8,
			Mathf.Cos (((2*Mathf.PI)/buildingButtonAt.Length)*i)*8,
		Quaternion rotation = new Quaternion(
			(Mathf.Rad2Deg)* (((2*Mathf.PI)/buildingButtonAt.Length)*i),
		buildingButtonAt[i-1] = (GameObject)Instantiate (Resources.Load ("Building"),location,rotation);

I’ve set the default rotation on instancing the game object to (0,0,0,0), and used the Rotate method like so to achieve the rotation :

buildingButtonAt[i-1].transform.Rotate (
			360 -(Mathf.Rad2Deg)* ((2*Mathf.PI)/buildingButtonAt.Length)*i,