Rotating Primitive Colliders

Hello again… this is just a follow-up question of my other one, really.

I split my object up into about 400 separate pieces, and then I added box colliders to everything. Working exactly as intended, minus the fact that it doesn’t really compensate for diagonals. To clarify further, most of the base map is a square, although I do have a few “turns” which are represented in diagonals.

I tried a mesh collider and I just fall through the mesh every time.

Is there a way to rotate a collider so that it’s on an angle?

you will not fall through the mesh collider if you mark it as a convex collider.

Its a checkmark box in the mesh collider drop down portion.

Convex by the way means the shape has no holes in it. Shapes with holes (or concave) cannot have collision detection done on them through a simple mesh collider.

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Colliders don’t have a rotate (only move and scale,) but you can fake it by putting the collider on an empty child and rotating that.

Wrong again. Add a rigid body and then manipulate.
The addition of a collider needs to know the spatial orientation. At least this is why the inteface works the way it does. Without the RB the rotational manipulation does not enable a rotation of the vector handles.