'Rotating' skybox

So i’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get a nice scrolling background and a skybox seemed the best solution.
I’ve made a 2nd camera in my game. My main camera is orthographic since it’s a 2d game.
As far as i know i have done everything correctly, set the depth of the background camera lower than the main camera and added a rotation script to it.

Everything works fine but when the background scrolls it seems weird, it’s not flat and it looks kind of weird. I know that’s the property of a skybox but is there any way to fix this?

The script i’ve added in case anyone wants to see it :

public float rotateSpeed = 0.5f;

void Update () {

	Quaternion rot = transform.rotation;
	float y = rot.eulerAngles.y;
	y += rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
	rot = Quaternion.Euler (0,y,0);
	transform.rotation = rot;

(This is attached to the background camera)

Thanks to anyone willing to help!

In Unity 5 using the shader “Skybox/6 Sided” you could do this:

RenderSettings.skybox.SetFloat("_Rotation", ... );

Hi again.

I’ve made an example project for you(see link below). This uses a custom quad which is unwrapped to display only part of the BG texture at any one time. I’ve made a BG texture from four of your skybox images, it should be seamless. I then rotate this on the quad via the script. Hope this is what you were after, let me know :slight_smile:

I was able to “rotate” the skybox (perceptively anyway) by creating a new top-level Game Object and putting everything else inside it, including the camera, then rotating this the opposite way that you want your skybox to appear to move.