Rotation at game start

Hello, newbie question.
I’m trying to get my player to start in an certain direction at start but the object always starts at 0
I’m using an thirdperson movement. I can post script later if needed

What are topics that is required to post here?

What I usually do is:

Set to variables at the beginning of your script:

private Vector3 PosIn = new Vector3(0f, -1.5f, -45);
private Quaternion RotIn = new Quaternion(0, 0, 0, 90);

And then, on your Start() method you plug in:

transform.SetPositionAndRotation(PosIn, RotIn);

Change the values at your your will and to fit your game.
Your can also use Quarternion.Euler to make it easier.

If your have more complex situations, like a starting rotation that varies on other factors, you could create a method called something like “SetInicialTransform()”, and put a bunch of code in there, and call this method on the Start() method of your player controller script.