Rotation from Blender to Unity

Ok, 7 hours is enough.

I am trying to import a plane from blender into unity that has the same global position. Every time I import it, the orientation is off. I use transform.TransformDirection or just transform.Translate (1,0,0) and the object moves left instead of right (when the orientation of my screen is +X). I know that this is because the local position does not match the global position. I know this is elementary stuff, but I cannot figure it out…

Have you tried something like “transform.Translate(1, 0, 0, Space.World)” ?
When using the Translate function you can specify what the translation will be relative to.
Check the documentation to better understand what this means.

Blender’s axes Y and Z are inverted in Unity, and that can be messy when importing meshes. But if all you need is a plane, you can also use GameObject->Create Other->Plane in the menu to create one in Unity; no need to make it externally.

Hope it helps.