Rotation of a group of cubes, Rubiks style

Hi guys,

I wonder how i can tell a group of cube to rotate (via C# script), like a Rubiks cube. The problem is that each cube should not rotate from his own “center”, but exactly like it does when i select them all and use the rotation tool in the editor.

Here, i selected the row that i want to turn (exactly like a Rubik’s player would). How can i tell them in C# to rotate correctly, relatively to the new center ?
Thanks a lot !

You can create an empty game object at a row center, parent your selected cubes to this object, and then rotate parent instead of individual cubes.

I’ll use a 2 x 2 x 2 Array as an example

8 possible locations and 8 unique cubes.

The possible locations are Binary

XYZ is the position of the cube, I is the index

000 (0)
100 (1)
010 (2)
110 (3)
001 (4)
101 (5)
011 (6)
111 (7)

If I perform a Right rotation in the clockwise direction

Every cube with an X value of 1 will be rotated clockwise.

This will shift the cubes with index 1,3,5 and 7.

(1) 100 will go up (+Y) -> 110
(3) 110 will go away (+Z) -> 111
(7) 111 will go down (-Y) -> 101
(5) 101 will go towards (-Z) -> 100

Perform this transformation on your array and you get

000 (0)
100 (5)
010 (2)
110 (1)
001 (4)
101 (7)
011 (6)
111 (3)

You can use the same method for any rotation

Right, Left, Top, Bottom, Right Inverted, Left Inverted, Top Inverted, Bottom Inverted.

If your cube is of a larger size you have the base to add more rotation methods, but I’ll leave that up to you :slight_smile:

As for the actual visible rotation, inside the same place you call the Array shifting method you can group the game objects that have an X value of 1.
Parent them together like ArkaneX suggest to an empty game object and rotate that object.

You must then break the heirarchy if a different rotation is required.

This is just how I would do it, there may be easier ways but I hope this gets you moving in the right direction.



using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

//Class to control rubik's cube rotation
public class RubixScript : MonoBehaviour 
	//Public Variables
	public GameObject rubix;
	//Private Variables
	private GameObject[] cubes;
	private GameObject[] face;
	private GameObject rightPivot;
	private int i;

	// Use this for initialisation
	void Start () 
		//All cubes tagged as Cube
		cubes = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Cube");
		//9 cubes per face
		face = new GameObject[9];
		//Call RotateRight function

	//Rotate the right face
	void RotateRight()
		//Reset Counter
		i = 0;
		//Create new pivot point
		rightPivot = new GameObject("rightPivot");
		//(2,1,1) is the center of my pivot point, this will change depending on rubiks cube size and individual cube size.
		//For this example I used 1 unit per cube
		//This point is also not world space relative, you would have to add the word space vector of the entire cube first.
		rightPivot.transform.position = new Vector3(2,1,1);
		//Set the parent of the transform to the entire cube
		//This way if you rotate the entire cube the faces and the cubes inside them will follow this rotation
		rightPivot.transform.parent = rubix.transform;
		//Find right face cubes and set rightPivot as their parent
		foreach(GameObject cube in cubes)
			if(cube.transform.position.x == 2)
				cube.transform.parent = rightPivot.transform; = "Right Face Cube";
				face *= cube;*
  •  		i++;*
  •  	}*
  •  }*
  • }*

  • //Perform rotation gradually (To prove concept)*

  • void Update()*

  • {*

  •  rightPivot.transform.RotateAround(rightPivot.transform.position,Vector3.right,Time.deltaTime);*
  • }*

Truly amazing ! This will help a lot for the next part of the development !
Now i have to find a way to accurately find the center of an object, to define it as the pivot.