Rotation question

I am making a demo scene, trying to make some “destruction”. You have one of those machines ( i forgot the name) that have a giant sphere on it and that destroy things, and basically… you destroy the city.

I am making this to get some experience with object deconstruction and destruction, also with particles (Someone recommended me to practice in particles), but i have a question.

I wanted the ball to rotate to a specific direction when the player is moving with W,A,S,D. The problem is… how?

Is it possible to make an animation of the sphere rotating and then make something like the audio source pitch?
The Audio Source does have a trick that makes it go slow or faster via script. Is there a way to make an animation do this? Or just make the object itself start rotating slowly and then go faster when the player is pressing the action keys, and slowly stop when he is not.

It’s called a Crane with a wrecking ball attached with it. And for the animation for rotation of sphere, you really don’t need animation, you can probably do with simple rotation and a rigidbody attached to the crane.
Though, It’s really not that simple, you need configurable joints as well. I looked for some other similar threads, here’s what I recommend :