rotation snap, or any kinda snap


when I have a group of several meshes selected, i can move them all around. If i rotate the group only one object seems to move. So i can child the objects onto a game object and rotate that. But whoopi fracking doo Uity will rotate to 700 places of decimal precision but not snap to something useful like 180. If I type in 180 in the inspector the group rotates somewhere off in space. Im stupid but wouldn't it be easier if unity snapped to anything? I know theres that snaps thing but doesn't seem to do anything

Unity has rotation snapping :-)

If you hold the Command key (I'm guessing Ctrl in windows?), Unity snaps to the settings you define in: Edit>Snap Settings.

If you child a bunch of objects to a object that parent will become the base for rotation. I'm guessing the problem you're having has to do with the parent objects pivot point. You can set Unity to rotate from the center of an object by changing the option at the top left of the Unity editor.

To see how it works you could just test it out in a empty scene: create two cubes, zero out there translation and rotation,parent one to the other, and rotate the parent around.

By doing this you can probably find the problem you're having with your other scene


Unity3 introduces proper Rotation snapping:

ok i ve tried this and if i hold CMD and rotate my 90 rotated cube with the snap set to rot 15, if i move the thing around it will go 105, 120 etc and if i go back to centre it will be 90.00005 or something off, changing the pivot to centre, global to local dont help either...