Rotation Stutters

Hi guys, so I have a fairly “smooth” rotation of a sphere. But I have noticed that every 1 or 2 (360degree) turns around, the rotation start to stutter for a few frames and then gets back to normal. I know this doesnt sound like a huge probelm but it is still noticeable in the game and if anyone has a similar probelm or any Idea what I could do to get rid off this or just a few keywords in what direction I have to search that would be a huge help.

I also added a Video to explain it a bit better: link text

In the Video it is really not that noticeable so I am sorry for that. I also found similar question but they either had no answer or were about a other kind of rotation.

Thank you in advance for youre Help.
From switzerland with love snow2405.


try this script,