Roulette Ball Spin

Hi everyone!

I have an issue regarding the ball spin in a roulette game, using physics. What I’ve accomplished so far, is after the roulette starts spinning - I’m instantiating a ball prefab rotating, counter clockwise using the ball’s transform.RotateAround() function for a while. The problem begins when I release the ball and I try to apply a certain amount of force through the ball’s rigidbody AddForce() function. The ball seams to get stuck on the one side of the roulette. Of course, I understand that this behavior is logical since the force is applied on the z axis.

My question is, how can I apply a force to the ball while using Lerp() and AddForce(), so that the ball’s path on the roulette, to be as realistic as possible?!

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards to you all.

I know what is your difficulty and this post is bit older and i am trying to recreate the same thing but its not working out and i just wanted to asked you that did you found any solution?