Round edges of cubes?

Hi there!

I’m creating a game where the players need to build “Minecraft style” defensive structures to hold off waves of enemies. The level environment is NOT block based, so I was surprised how ugly these blocks look in my levels (even with nice materials).

Is there a way to let the blocks look less “cubish” (edged) without using custom models/meshes?

Ideally the blocks should have a slightly different shape depending on where they are placed. Blocks forming wall or floor should blend nicely while corner blocks should have round edges (see image).

Desired results:


If the only solution is to use custom meshes, is there a way to get around having a whole bunch of different block meshes for each possible block position?

I have to say that I’m pretty new to Unity and game development in general. Any help or general advices for my game idea are useful for me!


I think that the easiest way is to use costum meshes. You can also make meshes in script but that would probably be a lot more comlicated. I would use a lot of different meshes as you said and then use raycast to se if there are blocks above, next to or under it.

Excellent tutorial for rounded cubes: Rounded Cube, a Unity C# Tutorial