RPC failed on android

i hava a project use netviewwork.

i use Network.Instantiate to creat my client res in OnConnectedToServer function.

every user has a guid.

it important for other user to creat me on him.

so after Network.Instantiate has been call. In OnNetworkInstantiate function, i call a RPC function to send my guid to other.

It’s walk great on pc. But when i move to android. this RPC funciton who send the guid don’t come in.

the other RPC function late than this is ok.

why the first RPC faild on android?

Hi, I think I’m running into the same issue here. I have a game I’ve been developing mostly on PC/Web, and the buffered RPC calls have not been working on Android.

The odd thing is, when I run it from the editor (with Android as the target device), it works flawlessly. But once I run native on the phone, any Network.Instantiated object at the beginning of the game, etc, simply isn’t there…

Any advice/help to get past this would be hugely appreciated.

same problem… any have the solution?