RPC failed to send

Hello, I’m trying to make an RPC command to take away health.
here is the code

if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, hit)){
     if (hit.transform.tag == "players"){ // 
             var hitID : NetworkView = hit.transform.GetComponent(NetworkView);
             Debug.Log("You hit a player id:" + hitID.viewID);
             hitID.RPC("ChangeHp", RPCMode.All,hitID.viewID,10);

function ChangeHp(targetID : NetworkViewID , AmountDamage : float)
currentHealth -= AmountDamage;

and here is the error that I’m getting
“Sending RPC failed because ‘ChangeHp’ parameter 0 didn’t match the RPC declaration. Expected ‘System.Int32’ but got ‘UnityEngine.NetworkViewID’
UnityEngine.NetworkView:RPC(String, RPCMode, Object)
raycasting:Shoot() (at Assets/raycasting.js:43)”
it is giving me this error right here -
hitID.RPC(“ChangeHp”, RPCMode.All,hitID.viewID,10);

What am I doing wrong?

It’s telling you that changeHP looks something like: ChangeHP(int target, int hpChange) It expects an int as the first input (which is the 3rd value of the RPC.) Technically, hitID.viewID isn’t an int.

We know(?) that IDs are stored as ints. So, (int)hitID.viewID should fix it (untested.)

But, it looks like that’s an extra parm. Just: hitID.RPC("ChangeHp", RPCMode.All,10); should be run just fine by the hitID object on each client.