RPC to a single client

I’m trying to send a RPC call to a specific client on the network, but it doesn’t seem to work, meaning it doenst do anything at all (no errors)… When I try “RPCMode.All” It does work. here’s the code:

NetworkPlayer net_p1=pendingPlayers[0];
NetworkPlayer net_p2=pendingPlayers[1];
networkView.RPC ("Initiate",net_p1,1);
networkView.RPC ("Initiate",net_p2,2);

void Initiate(int number){
	print ("Starting game");
if (number == 1) {
      GameMulti.StartGame1 ();
	print ("Spawn 1");
if (number==2) {
	GameMulti.StartGame2 ();
	print ("Spawn 2");

note that “pendingPlayers” is a list containing all connected players, which is a list of type NetworkPlayer. I insert to the list using the command -

	void AddPlayer(NetworkPlayer player){
			pendingPlayers=new List<NetworkPlayer>();	

I managed to solve this one so i’ll comment for future viewers with the same problem -
The problem was that i sent a RPC from one client to another, which didn’t work.
The way to solve this is by calling the RPC from client 1 to the server, and then from the server to client 2-
player 1 sends RPC via RPCMode.Server, and then the server sends the RPC via the Networkplayer variable.

hope that helps