RPCMode.AllBuffered Basic Question

The documentation seems to be pretty concise on the way AllBuffered is being sent.

Basically, I have a build where a player hosts a game and plays at the same time(Listen server Game server - Wikipedia). When a RPC is sent with RPCMode.AllBuffered does it get sent to the hosting computer twice since they are both a client and the server?

My RPC has currently been executing twice on the host and trying to isolate if it is a bug in another part of my code :slight_smile: If it does get executed twice, is there a good way to handle this?

RPCMode.AllBuffered will not send two messages to the host just because they are also playing the game. That’s assuming that you have your networking set up correctly though. Your server should be calling Network.InitializeServer and your clients should be calling Network.Connect. Nothing else should be necessary to get the host and all clients in a game together. The server does not need to Network.Connect to itself.