RPG Tutorial in Javascript

I’ve been at unity a little while now and wanted to challenge myself a bit by making an rpg. Then I realised that I didn’t have a clue how to :S.
I just need an in depth javascript rpg tutorial, I’ve heard of the one at berg zerg arcade but it’s in C# and I think it might be a bit difficult to learn a new programming language while i’ve only just got to grips with javascript.

I do not know any JS that tutorials that are about RPG. But if you are just starting out in Unity I can really recommend the tutorials by ETeeski on Youtube. Really wish I had seen his videos when I first started with Unity.

The first videos cover the real basics. Later he goes on to making a first person shooter, including an AI system.
When making your RPG, you will be facing a lot of the challenges covered in his videos.

BTW I think this question is better posted on the forum rather than this site.