RPG tutorials/guides?

There is no RPG tutorials or help for this sort of thing anywhere on unity, and my coding is poor, so I'm wondering if anyone can write/find one?

if you have the time to personally help me (thanks!) then here are issues i cant get my head around

levelling - multiple levels for different skills, (blade, athletics, personality) and an overall level, completely lost on where to start and then go here

combat - I know how to learn/implement adding a sword, but how do i make it so left click makes an animation play, and anything in x distance loses x damage*skill level? and then rewards x

GUI - Buttons like skills etc, I know even menu screens are handled in 3d so i'm not too sure how to have interactive buttons

i have a few more, but all of this would help me along enough for a while, i enjoy just putting the peices together >.< :p

This is the best RPG tutorial that i've met This one =P

is a TUTORIAL on the whole expression of the word hope you learn from it and helps you as it helped me

have fun in unity =)

hope this is the answer you are looking for

Omg thanks poncho you are awesome, it will help me a lot!