RTHandle in render feature with multiple render passes


I am experimenting and trying to learn how to correctly use the SRP on a project setup with URP.
I have a ScriptableRenderFeature that enqueues multiple ScriptableRenderPass acting at different times on the pipeline (compute effect, compose the final image) my question is where I supposed to create my RTHandle for the texture I use as targets for my effect.

When I look at examples, Features has generally only one Pass and RTHandles are created in the ScriptableRenderPass.OnCameraSetup or ScriptableRenderPass.Configure methods but I need to carry this handle from one Pass to another. Or maybe that is not a good way to do it?

I managed to get a result by creating the RTHandle in the ScriptableRenderFeature.SetupPasses method using RenderUtils.ReallocateIfNeeded method but I am not sure that is the right way to do it.

I also tried to use RTHandle.Alloc in the ScriptableRenderFeature.Create method and the Texture seems to be the same among all frame renderings. Seems ok to me but maybe I am wrong.

Currently my feature use one pass to draw the the effect on a buffer and use a second pass to Blit this texture to the cameraColorTarget.

Does anyone with experience on the URP can help me to understand what is the right way to do such things? Documentation is not very clear, source code neither, and there is too few example to determine what are the good practice.

Thanks a lot.