RTS movement animation

Okay so i’m currently doing a RTS, keep in mind i recently got into Unity so i’m kind of a noob however i have a basic understanding of most of the things. I got the camera working, selection of units and can right click to move them to the location i want.

However how do i tell it to use the “run” animation when they’re moving etc. I have all the animations just don’t know how to enable them under specific events. Right now i set it through the controller to just use the standard idle.

Add the parameter “movement speed” to the animation controller. Update this parameter’s values in Update() so it is equal to the in-scene movement speed of your unit. In the animator state machine, from your idle state make a transition to your run animation state. Add a condition to the transition that makes it only work when the movement speed parameter value is above a certain number (at least above 0).