RTS rectangle selection system

I’m trying to make a small RTS-like system where you can select your units and move them around. I was just wondering what the best/easiest method to make a classic rectangle massive selection system? (All it need to do is turn a boolean on the units called ‘selected’ to true)

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It depends on the “style” you want. One way is, when your objects are located in a plane, to use a trigger and colliders on each unit. This could be a bit buggy but you would have a 3D volume in the scene, in other words a true 3d selection area.

The other (and probably better) way is to keep a list of all selectable units (in some kind of gamemanager) and just transform the positions of all units into screenspace. There you can simply use Rect.Contains to test if a unit is inside a rectangle.

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well, this isnt really the whole answer, as i do not have it :stuck_out_tongue:
but something that might help you though, is this:


function Update () {
var unitPos : Vector3 = Camera.main.WorldToViewportPoint (transform.position);
//Debug.Log (“Unit is located at: X:”+ unitPos[0] + “Y:”+ unitPos[1]);

attach this to the unit being selected.
it reports the unit position on camera. so if you are able draw a rectangle and calculate if this position is within that rectangle, you are pretty much there.
hope this helped somewhat, still working on the same problem myself :slight_smile:
edit: i see that several people answered just about the same thing before me, but that didnt show when i posted, sorry. :slight_smile:

I did this before in C#, this is how I did it if it helps:

if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {
	downMousePosition = Input.mousePosition;
} else if(Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0)) {

	RaycastHit hit1;
	Physics.Raycast(Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(downMousePosition), out hit1);
	Vector3 v1 = hit1.point;
	RaycastHit hit2;
	Physics.Raycast(Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition), out hit2);
	Vector3 v2 = hit2.point;

	Unit[] allUnits = GetAllUnits();

	foreach(Unit unit in allUnits) {
		Vector3 pos = unit.transform.position;
		//is inside the box
		if(Mathf.Max(v1.x, v2.x) >= pos.x && Mathf.Min(v1.x, v2.x) <= pos.x
			&& Mathf.Max(v1.z, v2.z) >= pos.z && Mathf.Min(v1.z, v2.z) <= pos.z) {
			//selecte the unit