RTS Unit Scale Question: Will Physics Work?

I am doing an RTS

Now in the unity manual it says humans (which my units are) are 2 meters tall.

However with a top down camera I find them to be very small. So I’ve read you typically scale them up about 3x to make up for this — however with the unity engine won’t this mess up physics?

I will need realistic looking physic effects but from what I understand scaling it to 3x will mess with the physics engine.

Is there a work around for this or a way I can scale the humans up to make them more visible and not have the physics engine treat them like giants?

In addition to Dreamblur’s suggestion of moving the Camera in, you could also adjust the FoV which would give a similar effect. However you say “doesnt work because its too close to see the map”

In which case, if you scaled people up by 3x you would be simulating a world of super huge humans, which violates your requirement of needing “realistic looking physic effects”

You have to make a design choice: Ability to see the map or ability to see humans.

You could very simply attach a zoom function to the mousewheel, as is standard for games now adays and let the user decide what a good value is.