RTX 3080 performance lower than GTX 1070Ti

After 6 months waiting, I finally got an RTX 3080, for the main purpose of replacing my 1070Ti for 3D modeling and Unity development. Using the same project, the framerate with the RTX 3080 is significantly lower than the framerate with the 1070Ti.
I have updated the Nvidia drivers, updated the 3080 firmware, I even tried upgrading the project to the newest Unity version. 3080 performance is still low.
3080 benchmarks as expected in 3DMark Timespy.
Has anyone else had RTX 3xxx issues with Unity? Is there a fix/setting I am missing?
Thank you!

@RLin and @dumoulinantoine - Thank you for your comments. To elaborate:
My rig is a full desktop PC with an i9 10850K. The integrated graphics are disabled in the BIOS.
The tested program was originally in Unity 2019.3, but I also upgraded it to 2020.2 to see if it made a difference. It did not.
I used both the Statistics pane in the “Game” window, and a calculated frame rate from within the program. Both were better with the 1070Ti.
@RLin - I did not realize you could change Nvidia settings to make sure a program is using it since it’s the only GPU. Please elaborate.
Thanks again!