Rubbery hinge joints

I'm working on an aircraft simulation. The flight model is working pretty well, and I have movable control surfaces that use hinge joints with motors. But a problem I have is that in high speed maneuvers, the control surfaces come out of their sockets and bounce around like the hinge joint is made of rubber bands. I think this is because the forces involved are very high, on the order of 1000 kN. The torque could be as high as 300000 Nm. Is there a way to "firm up" the hinge joints so they stay true to their axes better? Thanks.


I have managed to get some very firm and stiff configurable joints under very high forces and torque, And it's very stable.

first, I never used hinges, I tried but never achieved anything good with them, go for configurable joints I would suggest.

Anyway, try to increase your solver iteration count in the physics settings, also play with the time settings to increase the number of steps. Warning, on windows it seems to slows down the physics simulation ( not the framerate, just the simulation).

tho, I don't know the rest of your joint config, so the problem might be elsewhere like the way you have setup the drive.

Hope it helps,