Run Terminal Command using System.Diagnostics.Process not working on osx

I’ve been using the following code to run a Terminal command. It opens the terminal but no command is entered. What is the correct way to launch the terminal and send a command to it? The command I want to send is cliclick c:100,100; The command line application is named cliclick, and clicks a mouse.

	var process = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
	    process.StartInfo.FileName = "cliclick";
	    process.StartInfo.Arguments = "c:"+x + "," + y;
	    Debug.Log("c:"+x + "," + y);
		Debug.Log("Key it PROCESSSTART");

I think the first line should say - “System.Diagnostics.Process process” and not “var process

dansav, did you ever get this sorted? Did pranavgadamsetty’s suggestion work?